Coronavirus COVID-19


As we all know by now, COVID-19 (a type of Coronavirus) has taken the entire world by storm.

Remote Employees – A New Reality

“The most significant lasting impact we’ll see from this pandemic once the ‘dust settles’ is that companies will have been forced to seriously evaluate their trust in their employees and offer a ‘work-from-home’ scenario for situations like this. (Michael Fishweicher, Vice President of Business Development of EMR Consultants LLC)

In the past several weeks, we’ve seen companies (small and large) scramble to workout work-from-home processes for their employees. Now is in fact the time to be sure that your infrastructure is completely scalable as you’ll need it to be.

Immediate 'To Do' List

  • Employees - Enable an efficient 'work-from-home' protocol
  • Deskphones that are truly VoIP and enable your team to communicate in times of crisis
  • Client Assurances that your company is working to serve them during this tough transition.
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